How do mortgage affordability assessments work?

what mortgage can i afford

Before searching for a property to buy, you need to ask yourself what mortgage is affordable for you, allowing you to determine which price range to search in. There’s little point falling in love with a potentially perfect home if it is out of financial reach. Mortgage affordability checks ensure lenders know exactly what we […]

Inspiring garden design ideas and their cost

Inspiring garden design ideas

Our own private outdoor spaces can be a wonderful source of peace and tranquillity. Some people prefer lots of flowers, others want greater functionality for entertaining or space for their children to play. More people are also getting into growing their own fruit and vegetables, while others want to create a purely artistic aesthetic they […]

A guide to moving house with a secured loan

can you move house with a secured loan

When you move house, there are often a lot of people and businesses you need to update. In some cases, you just need to ensure that they have your correct postal address. In others, your change of address may have implications for your use of a product or service. For example, if you have a […]

How much does a garden makeover cost?

how much does a garden makeover cost

The importance of green spaces in general and gardens in particular was highlighted during lockdown. Since then, increasing numbers of homeowners have committed to garden makeovers. An effective garden makeover can be an astute investment. It can improve your experience of your garden, whilst also increasing its appeal to future buyers. As with all investments, […]

How to Apply and Qualify for a Homeowner Loan

apply for homeowner loan

We’re always looking at ways to better ourselves. For some, that could mean reaching for increasingly ambitious career goals, while for others it could mean striving for more personal growth targets. For others, however, it’s often something as simple as renovating the house or addressing their financial wellbeing. For these people, a homeowner loan could […]

Short-Term Loans vs Long-Term Loans

long term loans

Sometimes, we all need a little help to get to where we want to be. Everyone’s circumstances are different, and we may not have vast reserves of capital ready and waiting to be invested in that bold new business venture, that shiny new car or that holiday of a lifetime. In these situations, it’s typical […]

How to make your home more energy efficient

how to make your home more energy efficient

In today’s world, with an increasing focus on energy conservation and sustainability, it’s only natural that you’d want to bring a little eco-friendliness home with you. Making your home more energy efficient doesn’t need to upend your bank balance or seriously disrupt your home life. But what it can do is dramatically reduce your carbon […]

How does mortgage redemption work?

Mortgage redemption is the process that happens when a homeowner pays off their mortgage in its entirety. There are several reasons why such a payment would be made, including re-mortgaging the property or simply paying off the mortgage completely to be mortgage-free. Another common reason for mortgage redemption is a homeowner deciding to move to […]

Our guide to long-term loans

Long-term loans can be an excellent way to finance the purchase of expensive goods such as properties and cars, as well as long-term personal loans and secured loans for a wide variety of purposes. If you are looking into your options for long-term finance, it is important to understand what type of long-term loan is […]

What is loan affordability and how does it work?

Loan affordability is a measure of a potential borrower’s ability to pay back their loan in full and on time. Each lender uses their own formula to calculate it. Fundamentally, however, loan affordability is always based on a lender’s interpretation of a potential borrower’s income and expenses/obligations. Keep reading to learn more. What is loan […]